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Kingdom Kids Prep | Pre-Kindergarten

Our Pre-school has been challenging the notion that young children do not need, and cannot understand, or benefit from early stimulation. Our holistic development program acknowledges our students intellectual, linguistic, physical, emotional & social development.  Through a structure of  creativity, play and repetition guided by the curriculum of the Ministry of Education,  our aim and vision is to nurture and  challenge their developing mind and body.

Themes such as identity (Who Am I?) are introduced.  Our goal is for your preschooler to enter Kindergarten knowing his/her name, numbers (1-10), saying the ABCs, knowing the days of the week and the months of the year, tracing fluidly, and potted trained.

We assess and give a report on your child/children developing language, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, and social skills.

We have received many testimonials from proud parents/guardians and grandparents about the level of knowledge, understanding and social maturity of our preschoolers compared with peers of the same age.

Kingdom Kids Kindergarten & Preparatory School

34 Verbena Avenue, Kingston 11

(876)-351-4546 | (876)-804-2969


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