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Kingdom Kids Prep | Kindergarten Class I - III

Though there has been a recent focus on literacy and numeracy at the Grade Four level, the literacy and numeracy journey actually begins much earlier. From birth through the early years, children gradually develop early literacy and numeracy skills, which include knowledge of how to hold books right and turn pages, to listen when read to, to recognise books by their covers, distinguish between pictures and print, count from one to one hundred, understand basic fundamental arithmetical skills such as addition and subtraction.

The opportunity to develop these skills are significant and at Kingdom Kids Kindergarten we place special interest on early literacy and numeracy skills. Our Kindergarten program is well rounded and provides a range of learning activities to support our student's skill development in areas such as:

  • Language

  • Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Science and Nature

  • Music and Movement

  • Art and Painting

  • Physically active play

  • Sensory Activities

  • Collage, Puzzles and Blocks 

  • Dramatic play

  • Computer Learning

We welcome family involvement in the daily life of our kindergartners.  We also have educational tours that take the children on trips to places that center on the theme for the term as well as places of interest in their community.  

Our goal is on have every child reading and writing on the line at the completion of the Kindergarten level. Our teachers work to ensure that your child's move to the  preparatory level is enjoyable and successful.

Kingdom Kids Kindergarten & Preparatory School

34 Verbena Avenue, Kingston 11

(876)-351-4546 | (876)-804-2969


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