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Kingdom Kids Prep | Grades I - III

Kingdom Kids Preparatory is dedicated to adjusting and adapting new methodologies in the learning experiences of our students.  Our aim is geared towards the holistic development of the child to meet the changing needs of society.

We use an integrated approach to learning, which enables our students to understand the relevance of what they learn in the classroom to their everyday lives. Our teachers are guided by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Curriculum Guidelines and encouraged to go beyond the chalkboard to teach from an hands-on and child centered viewpoint.

Primary Education must lay the foundation for life-long learning, as well as help pupils develop positive attitudes and values and the coping skills necessary for survival in an increasingly complex world. The MOE curriculum provides opportunities for their development through strategies such as co-operative learning, group and project work, which encourage pupils to explore and share ideas as they identify and solve problems. In addition, it teaches pupils how to learn, a skill which will not only allow them to have a greater sense of responsibility for their own progress, but will also allow for the adaptability required in a world where learning will be continuous.

The MOE curriculum is fully integrated at Grades 1-3, with discrete subject areas at Grades 4-6. Opportunities for integration at the Grades 4-6 level are provided through research and project work based on interdisciplinary themes.

Emphasis is placed on monitoring and measuring our students success.  Lessons are carefully planned and our teachers evaluate their lessons and note if the objectives have been met.

Monthly exams as well as Mid-terms exams are used to track our students progress their areas of strength as well as weaknesses, these results are submitted to the principal to give a picture of what is happening in the classroom.​​  Parents are kept up to date with their child/children's progress through consultations with their teachers.

Kingdom Kids Kindergarten & Preparatory School

34 Verbena Avenue, Kingston 11

(876)-351-4546 | (876)-804-2969


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